Classic Series Refrigeration

Classic Series Refrigeration

Sub-Zero was the first manufacturer to develop refrigerators that could be integrated into the world's most beautiful kitchen designs. The brand is characterized by its iconic design.Choose the authentic stainless steel look or a fully integrated model. Either way, you'll enjoy unparalleled food preservation. Now more functional and stylish than ever with bright LED lighting.

Conservation is more than just keeping food cold. Sub-Zero takes care of the optimal preservation of food and achieves this by means of Sub-Zero's unique technical solutions: temperature control, desired air humidity and purified air.
1. Temperature control
The microprocessor of Sub-Zero regulates the internal temperature to an accuracy of one degree from the set temperature.
2. Desired humidity
To preserve flavor, fresh foods need chilly, humid air and frozen foods require frigid, dry air. Sub-Zero’s dual refrigeration creates separate, sealed systems for the refrigerator and freezer to ensure the optimal humidity for both.
3. Air purification
Fruits and vegetables that are ripening emit ethylene gas, a natural process that accelerates deterioration. Inspired by NASA's technology, Sub-Zero's air purification system cleans the air of ethylene every 20 minutes, along with odor-causing bacteria, fungi and viruses.

All models

ICBBI-36F All Freezer

ICBBI-36F All Freezer

ICBBI-36UFDID Over and Under Refrigerator-Freezer

ICBBI-36UFDID Over and Under Refrigerator/Freezer

ICBBI-42UFDID Over and Under Refrigerator-Freezer

ICBBI-42UFDID Over and Under

ICBBI-42SD Side by Side Refrigerator-Freezer

ICBBI-42SD Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer

ICBBI-48S Side by Side Refrigerator-Freezer

ICBBI-48S Side by Side

ICBBI-48SD Side by Side Refrigerator-Freezer

ICBBI-48SD Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer

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