A history replete with quality and innovation

Westye F. Bakke, a talented engineer and founder of the Sub-Zero brand, was a world pioneer in preserving food at ultra-low temperatures. In the 1940s, he needed something to store insulin for his son, who was suffering from diabetes. This very personal need became a drive to develop a reliable, high-performance refrigeration appliance. Westye’s innovations forever changed the way food was stored. However, he went much further: with his new idea of a built-in refrigerator, revolutionary at the time, Westye also made a major impact on kitchen design.

For the start of Wolf’s reputation as the go-to brand for accurate, extremely durable cooking appliances, we have to go back even further in time. Wolf has acquired more than eighty years of expertise in manufacturing appliances for commercial kitchens.

In 2000, Wolf was taken over by Sub-Zero. Now run by Westye’s grandson, it remains a family business that takes its commitment to superior design and performance as personally as it did at the start.

Quality without compromise

The brands Sub-Zero and Wolf are united by their mission: to build kitchen appliances that improve both your meals and the appearance of your kitchen.

- Only premium quality materials are used to make our products
- State-of-the-art technology is incorporated in our products
- The calibre of our craftsmanship matches that of the world’s finest homes
- We test products under extreme laboratory conditions,
which allows us to guarantee a lifespan of at least twenty years